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"Lars kutschke is a beautiful surprise! his warm round tone combined with a brilliant technique and inventive soloing makes him a perfect answer to the Hammond organ."

- joey de francesco

photo by Sandra Vichuk

photo by Sandra Vichuk

I'm a guitar player & composer based in Dresden, Germany. I feel right at home between Blues, Jazz, Soul, Gospel and Rock. 

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News & Updates

February 2018:

First mixes getting in for the new Album,"Chelsea Morning" will be the first track to be released on iTunes and here on this website in a couple weeks. You should buy it :-)

January 2018:

I'm getting closer to the finish line with my new album! 7 tracks are in the can now, featuring my wonderful working band plus special guests: Tad Robinson, Alex Schultz , Kirk Fletcher & Simon Oslender. 3 more tracks will be recorded in March, combined with some live studio footage.

January 2017:

Very honored to be featured in the Greek Blues Magazine blog! The interview was done during our four-day stint at the HALF NOTE club in Athens on November 2016.



by Lars Kutschke

Here are some tracks taken from several albums I did over the last few years. 


current projects

This is a short introduction to the most important musical projects I'm involved with.

sharrie williams

Sharrie Williams is a singer full of power and heartfelt warmth and soul. She is winning over audiences wherever she goes. I've been playing in her band since 2005. We have toured festivals and clubs in 40 countries on 4 continents and recorded three albums together. I am proud to be the co-writer and co-producer on all of them. All three were nominated for the American Blues Awards (BMA). The last album was selected "Blues Album Of the Year" by the French Academie Du Jazz.

LK             BAND

"Right Here Right Now", is the first album under my own name and was released in 2013. It features 8 original tracks between Funk, Blues, Gospel and Rock. We recorded in Berlin for three nights and a lot of the arrangements were created right on the spot, hence the album's name. I'm happy with the results. The LK BAND performs those tracks live regularly, which is a lot of fun. We're working on a new record as we speak.

sounds     ville

Meeting Hammond organ virtuoso, Alberto Marsico, and drummer, Gio Rossi, was a pure accident and one of the best things that could have happened to me. They just make me play better (although musicians of their caliber could be just plain intimidating). They worked for a lot of big names in the Blues and Jazz Scene. The duo is a seasoned rhythm section and the way they read each other's ideas is just insane. We recorded two albums and did a fair share of touring throughout Europe.